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Are you ready to Go Skydive

Go Skydive Welcome to Go Skydive (formally Citrusdal)! We are dedicated to having fun and partying hard while still maintaining a high safety standard and keeping a great vibe going!

Clubhouse meets are every Thursday at the Milnerton Lifesaving Club on Woodbridge Island. There is a cash bar and great conversation on offer.

Come and join us anytime...

What does Go Skydive offer?

Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall

This method of skydiving training is called "accelerated" because the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall, normally from 10,000 to 14,500 feet "Above Ground Level" (AGL). In static line progression, many more jumps are required to experience solo freefall, but the jumps are less expensive for the student as one instructor can dispatch multiple students per load, whereas ...
Static Line Skydiving

Static Line Skydiving

Static line training is like other student training programs in that it consists of both ground school and actual jumps. While ground school may differ from dropzone to dropzone; students will become aware of: proper body position, canopy flight, possible malfunctions, emergency scenarios, and proper landing (including PLF,) as well as other skills before graduating to their first jump. ...
Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving or tandem parachuting refers to a type of skydiving where a student skydiver is connected via a harness to a tandem instructor. The instructor guides the student through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The student needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump. This is one of three commonly used training methods for ...
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